Healing, Services and Places for Treatment

1. Based on experiences acquired working in acupuncture and shiatsu healing centres as well as in the rehabilitation ward of an orthopedic hospital, we apply specific techniques combining the approaches and philosophies of both Eastern and Western medicine.

2. We treat a wide variety of patients with many different needs and requirements, for example those seeking relief of pain from fractures or many other kinds of physical ailments in order to feel more relaxed.

3. We see people of all ages. We have experience treating pain caused by work, sports, etc in young people, and also have knowledge gained in the rehabilitation ward of specific symptoms in both children and the elderly.

4. We offer treatment using techniques with Japanese characteristics, which provides a treatment with less irritation and greater relief for the patient.

How our treatment works:

1. Before starting the treatment, we will ask you to fill out a form detailing your medical history.

2. We will then talk about what you need and how we can tailor the treatment to meet your requirements.

3. We will start the basic treatment, monitoring the process to acheive a better final result.

4. We will continue and progressively treat your symptoms.

5. We will finish the session with a series of stretches to relax your body.

6. Before we say goodbye we will discuss the treatment, and we will answer any questions you may have and arrange a further appointment if desired.

1. With early treatment we can improve blood circulation. When there is poor circulation in oriental medicine this is known as "Oketsu".

2. Specific treatment is personalised for each patient and is how we try to treat your ailment with the intention of healing it.

3. Where appropriate we also use other techniques, such as treating inflammation with ice, stretching muscles, etc..


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